3 Reasons Why You Should Look at Your Competitor’s Backlinks and Use Them to Your Advantage

virtual assistantWhy are my competitors on top of the search engine rankings? What do they have that I don’t? If you need an answer to those questions, looking into your competitor’s backlink profile is a good way to start off your link building campaign. It sounds a bit sneaky, but that is how competition works.

Let us try to further explore this back link building process and understand why it is important to look into the back links of the major players in your industry. “Backlinks” are incoming links to a particular website or webpage. On the other hand, “Backlinking,” — which can be done in a number of ways — is looking through these said incoming links. There are available tools that would help you figure inbound links fast. Some of the more popular ones are Yahoo’s Site Explorer, SEOBook, Open Site Explorer, and Majestic SEO. With the aid of these tools you can now be able to identify who is linking to a page, determine anchor text used and point out URLs they are linked into.

This kind of approach would generate three major reasons in context:

  • You can reach out to the online populace linked to your competition and make them link to you as well.
  • You can learn the kind of sites which are likely linked to the sites similar to yours.
  • You can develop content that can make use of each of the backlinks you have.

You see this is more than just knowing the fact that back links can help increase rank and streamed traffic. This is about learning and understanding who your competitors are linking to and why.

  1. Connect to Sites Linking to your Competitor

    Before you initiate a contact with the sites that link to your competition, make sure they are not strongly affiliated or owned by the competitor. If you see the page containing the links is appropriate for your site, email them. This is beneficial for you because of the links readily found in your competitor’s profile.

    Although useful, this should be just a part of your whole link building strategy. Contacting all of your competitor’s back links may not all the time result to a hundred percent response. Nevertheless, this is a good start and may lead to reason number two.

  2. Determine the Kind of Sites for Possible Backlinks

    linksWhen you are not sure where to start, worry no more! You have found yourself the best ideas where the links can be found. What’s amusing too is you may discover that your competitor may have differences. A case would be when looking at your competitor’s back links; they have utilized certain government sites unlike you who didn’t know they such exist.

    Have a look at the pages linked to your competition and analyze how those pages apply to your competitor’s links. See the anchor text and the text around the link on the page to know the essential keywords that make the link valued.

    If your competitor has three “.gov” links, you might search and compile a list of those kinds of links twice as much. If your competition is linked to ten university sites then go for a hundred. Well, not really that exact number. Just to emphasize how it is advantageous for you to be ahead on those valuable links. This way, you can surpass the competition in that area.

  3. Become Content-wise

    Take note of what the host sites are linked into and where the said links are pointing. When the links pertain to a certain press release:

    • How did the competitor generate their press release? Can you come up with the same event announcements and notifications through the same channels?
    • To be able to locate hosting for content, you can run a snippet in the competitor’s press release. Run this from the opening paragraph of the release statement.
    • Are the links connected to relevant content? If the answer is yes,

    • What does the article talk about?
    • How are they able to optimize it? Is it through press release or blog posting?
    • What is the social media tool used in presenting the article?

These kinds of questions are your basis towards finding outlets that would host your content pieces. Delve into writing your most catchy and relevant content so you will be able to promote to the same sources.

In the busy highway of online traffic, it won’t be that easy figuring what’s valuable and what should be left to rot. You may encounter tons of links that are connected to high-ranked competition. They may have bought the links themselves but would these also be feasible in your own terms? There is no definite answer, unfortunately. One thing is for sure though; back linking your competitors is a very advantageous effort to your link building campaign.

Link building, like any other web-based task, is not a general thing to be considered as a whole. What you have to do is search out for quality link building tips and establish a stable formula towards achieving better link building growth for your site. These days, there are a lot of link building virtual assistants based in countries like the Philippines and India who help website owners increase their ranking in search engines. Hire your own link builder now!