How to Choose a Site Directory That Will Give More Value to Your Website

link buildingIf you want to establish a well-reputed name on the World Wide Web, then you have to make your website valuable. There are many link building strategies that would help you create your name and begin attracting responses that you need on your online venture. One of the more viable link building options is directory submission. Generally, this is a way of getting a one-way link to be directed to your own site that would increase traffic inflow and improve your page ranking.

Directory submission is the most cost-effective measure to build links and connect to credible sources especially if you’re one with an online market to target. But, just because it ignites a rapid run towards the top of search engine results page, it doesn’t mean that you submit to every directory you come across.

That’s a big NO-NO!

As you may integrate the use of directories to your own link building strategies, it is very useful to evaluate directories and references first so as to guarantee better optimization efforts for your webpage. Here are 6 tips to help you in finding a “healthy” directory that will add value to your website:

Pay Attention to Site’s Selectivity

Quality directories are selectively permeable to links and site content. They would review valuable information and check-out distinct lapses to every resource which includes the one you submitted. The crappy ones are sorted out from that of a quality find so as not to endanger linking to possible untrustworthy pages. Selectivity will vary from site to site depending on the standards of valuable quality they provide.

Look For Specific Directories

Selectivity begets specificity. Specific directories are actually more ideal compared to general ones like Open Directory Project and Yahoo Directory. Specific directories cater and provide for an online class or category where your business fits well. For example, if you’re developing a website that serves as a social network for the wind turbine community, you may submit your website to Envirolink, a directory that provides access to thousands of online environmental resources. Then you can choose the specific category to which the nature of your website belongs. Focusing on a specific field or category defines your target and incurs relevant quality resources in the end.

Check Whether The Directory Caters to Online Users

There are certain directories that would focus on improving your ranking alone. Now, you have to be cautious in submitting to a directory of that type. Yes, they may be backed-up with a system of quality links but the trade is not about search rankings alone. You have to take note that directories should cater to users, people, and online visitors and are not limited to boosting a site only.

Give Weight To Quality Reference

High quality links from editorial authorities present more value than those SEO-based networks and affiliated links. In the case of links directed to directories — weigh quality over quantity. It is not always good to have a hefty bundle of links around. One credible link can provide better optimization outcome than all miscellaneous links combined.

Choose Trusted Domain Network

Individual domain directories are less significant to those associated with the top-guns of the virtual web arena. Noted domains with high page ranks boast of a quality reference and content best suited to your link building initiatives.

Get Rid of Bad Links

You don’t want search engines to detect that you are linked to spammy, low-quality sites, do you? Their specific page ranking algorithms could very well determine the reliability of domains you may be linked into. There are tools available that would help you see the sites that you should avoid linking.

Directory SubmissionThe factors stated above are the important aspects that you have to consider in directory submission. Being familiar with these factors will add value to your site and will eventually guide you to leave a mark and start creating a name on the web. Obviously, submitting your site to a directory isn’t enough. Further link building ventures can help you solidify your account with search engines. You may try link advertising, reviewing and commenting on blogs, or even spying on your competition’s backlinks.

If you need help with optimizing your website or searching for the best directories that hit your target niche, you can always seek the help of a link building virtual assistant who knows the ins and outs of the trade.