How To Gain More Backlinks By Being A Good Content Provider

Content is king! It is truly the motivating reason that one would link to you. Although the abracadabra of backlinks, it is not an easy thing to do. If you provide informative content on a certain topic then it will be easier for you to get linked by other webmasters. Why would they even link to you anyway if you are not helping them?

It’s not purely a giveaway when a school will be listing you as a resource without giving their students possible information about a topic on your website. You can’t be a guest author in a blog when you do not write something for them. You can’t be listed in an article directory when you submit a senseless unrelated article. You can’t have fans on Facebook if you are not entertaining them. This is how it works. You have to be “helpful” in the literal sense to be up in search engine rankings.

Backlinks via “Contentributions”

We also want to get listed in the sites which are up in the Google search rankings but most do not have a link placement page. Luckily, most have pages in their site wherein you could contribute, such as e-zines, blogs or content libraries. Those are portions where you can write for them depending on their audience. In about a length of 300-500 words, write a topic of interest and don’t forget to include your resource box containing your website link. You are actually giving them more than just a request for linking.

What Makes Successful Content

Here are some guidelines on how you can have a successful content contributor:

  1. Before you start thinking of a topic or write for them, go over their content and subscribe. This will enable you to familiarize with the type of content they give out to their readers and filter through the topics they already have and they don’t.
  2. Avoid advertising too much within your article.
  3. You have the resource box for your marketing and always, always include your website URL.

Remember you must act knowledgeable in the topic you are writing about. Even if you have a weak brand online or just a start-up, one way to invest is not in your brand, but in your content. Someone reading your content would think of going in your own site because deep inside, that person knows your content is great and expects the same in your website. This is what you should focus on.

To become the king of gaining backlinks, you have to exert exemplary effort in developing good content. Content generation for your website sounds a bit demanding of time and energy. If you need help with this, hire a content writer who will help improve your website by adding valuable and useful information.