Link Building Virtual Assistants: The Engineers of Your SEO Campaign

link buildingEvery time you hear the word “link”, what comes to mind? Probably you think about bridges which are used to connect one location to another and ease up traveling through land. This concept is also applied when traveling through the Internet; and just like there are engineers for bridges, we have link building virtual assistants for your SEO campaign.

Bridges and Links

People don’t just build bridges. It requires time, skills and analysis to make sure that bridges are strong and reliable enough to carry on their purpose to connect people and ease transportation.

This same concept is also highlighted in link building processes. Link building is a practice of getting other websites to link to yours so that your site can be better indexed in major search engines, including Google and Yahoo. Building links boosts the visibility of your website.

You should however take note that you don’t just randomly create links here and there. It’s about making the right and relevant connections to enhance your site just like building a strong and reliable bridge.

Relevant links attract relevant attention

Thousands of vehicles pass through bridges every day. If the number of vehicles can also be translated to the number of your site visitors, it will surely be a huge lift. Good thing is, you have the chance to attract more attention labeled as “relevant traffic” and be visible through link building. For you to achieve this, the links you build should be relevant. Such links should belong to a site which is rich in content, valid, and should be in the same theme of websites as yours. It should be related to your website, to garner a bigger impact and be given more weight by search engines.

Link Builders are Engineers

Just like building bridges, building links needs continuous monitoring and is a time-consuming process which requires your constant attention. You would want of course to make the most of your time and be more productive. Due to the pressure of increasing the quantity of backlinks, you might be tempted to use dishonest techniques like cloaking, redirecting and adding hidden content in to the web pages.

You should keep in mind however that search engines prefer quality links rather than the quantity.  In such case, you don’t need to worry because you can always tap the services of a link building virtual assistant to handle this tedious job.

Just like a skilled engineer, your virtual assistant (VA) will continuously check and monitor to ensure that everything is addressed.

Your VA will take care of the following areas of concern.

    Outsource Link Building 

  • Directory Submission
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Video submission
  • Forum posting
  • Signature Linking
  • Emailing bloggers
  • Link trading
  • Banner trading

This list hints that it takes a lot of time for all of these things to be accomplished. The task doesn’t end there. In each and every process, quality and relevance should be taken into consideration. If all of these areas will be handled with utmost consideration to quality and relevancy, you are surely heading to achieve great rankings. By tapping the service of an SEO virtual assistant, all of these will be taken care of.

If you want to ease up transportation, don’t just build bridges; build high quality bridges. If you want to attract relevant traffic, don’t just build links; build relevant links.